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Price List & Specs Guide

A compilation of product pricing, descriptions, features, and other specs.
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BOOST Height-Adjustable Workstations Brochure

An introduction to our height-adjustable workstation solutions.
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Tables Brochure

An introduction to our conference, collaboration, training, and occasional table solutions.
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Seating Brochure

An introduction to our office-wide seating solutions.
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Book of Projects

A collection of project images from our most noteworthy installations.
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FAST Program Brochure

A summary of our 3-business-day-lead-time finish options and products.
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Dealer Handbook

An introduction to our company and quick-start guide on our processes.
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Please allow 48 hours to process requests. Requests ship via UPS Ground on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If expedited shipping is required, please provide us with a shipping account number.
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