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Major Trends in Collaborative Office Furniture for 2016

DATE: 12/23/2015

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As 2015 draws to a close, it is time to look forward to the new year ahead and changes that 2016 will bring. In the world of collaborative office furniture, there are many trends that will continue to grow as more and more offices embrace an open office design. For 2016, expect to see many offices moving away from the traditional layout and looking for new ways to use their office space. Here are some of those major trends to keep an eye out for.

Versatile Workspaces are the Theme

The major key factor in a collaborative office is how versatile it is, which is why a major trend or theme for 2016 is versatile workstation options. Employees are no longer required to sit tied to their desks with mobile technology, so the traditional desk formation is not needed. You will begin to see more offices offer alternative work areas that move away from the desk. Some of these include:

  • Adjustable standing desks. For years the standing desk has been gaining momentum and it is expected to grow even more popular in 2016. Adjustable desks that give employees the option of sitting or standing will be prevalent due to their proven benefits to health and productivity. Expect to also see more companies moving to standing meetings to keep team members awake and moving.
  • Privacy nooks. Collaborative work environments mean easy access to team members, but there is also a need for privacy options. More offices that have a collaborative open plan will be adding privacy nooks where employees can work quietly when needed. These pods or nooks can be shared by the office and offer a way to embrace all work styles.
  • Soft seating areas. Expect to see more offices that look like living rooms or casual waiting rooms in the coming year. Couches, soft chairs and coffee tables are filling offices instead of desks. Trends include brighter colors and a more energetic look to modern offices in the year to come. These will be truly collaborative work environments, with employees sitting together in comfort, working on projects and new ideas with their mobile devices in hand.
  • Modular, movable furniture. Static work stations are becoming a fad of the past, so furniture that moves and can be easily configured for impromptu meetings will be more common. Modular pieces that fit together in different ways for a quick sit down meeting will be big in 2016. At Clear Design, we expect our Kolab modular furniture to be a big hit in offices for 2016.

At Clear Design, our design team always has its finger on the pulse of what is new in collaborative office furniture. We offer a wide selection of modern furniture that can help your company begin to implement some of these trends into your collaborative office in 2016. Come see what we have to offer in versatile workspace options to transform your office for the New Year. 

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