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5 Advantages to Having an Open Plan Workstation in Your Houston Office

DATE: 12/29/2015

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Is your office still cluttered with singular desks or bulky cubicles? It is time to rejuvenate your Houston office into a sleek, collaborative work environment with new office furniture. There are solid reasons that many companies have updated their offices to an open plan workstation system. Here are five advantages to consider changing your office design to an open plan for 2016.

  • Make the most of your space. Open plan workstations like the Blade system we offer at Clear Design are created to use less space while offering your employees a better work setting. In most cases a Blade system will save approximately 25% of your space, making the most of your real estate. Plus, the Blade system offers workstations that are setup for today’s technical devices, with adequate integrated power sources.
  • Collaboration is key. More than ever companies are focusing on collaborative efforts to grow their businesses. Employees are encouraged to work together to solve problems and create new ideas. Cubicle walls and separate work spaces do not foster collaboration, they hinder it. Open plan workstations make it easier for employees to collaborate right from their desks. There is no need to get up and find members of your team, or to communicate through frustrating email; the team members are right next door and easy to communicate with in an open plan work space.
  • Better work environment for your employees. Open plan systems offer better light and air quality for your employees, helping achieve a more comfortable, productive work environment. Without the cubicle walls to prevent air and light flow, employees get more natural light and less hindrance to achieving constant temperatures and filtered air in the office.
  • An aesthetically pleasing work space. There is something to be said about an office that is aesthetically pleasing and organized. Open plan systems are sleek and innovative, without the drab cubicle walls that have for long been the norm. Blade systems come in a variety of styles and options to meet both your functional and design needs.
  • Cost effective modern office furniture. Budget is always a concern when it comes to upgrading your Houston office. Fortunately, one of the advantages of an open plan workstation system is that it is also cost efficient. First of all, you need less space to accommodate more employees, saving you money on real estate expense. Plus, the Blade systems we offer at Clear Design are competitive in pricing with many other options in modern office furniture.

When finalizing your budget for your Houston office for 2016, leave room in the budget to transform your office space to an open plan workstation system. With improved collaboration and a healthier work environment, your team will be able to tackle whatever comes their way in the year ahead with higher productivity levels and a better attitude. Come see what is new in modern office furniture at Clear Design – we have all the latest innovations in open plan workstations for your Houston office. 

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