Welcome! Clear Design has come to fruition as a result of 36 months of research and development to create a product that embraces and promotes the changes technology has brought to our market.


Our mission is to provide solutions that enhance the work-life of clients and colleagues through innovation and design. To thrive in today’s business environment requires high performance in all areas; Increased productivity, communication, enthusiasm and accountability are all areas embodied by our products.


The journey of Clear Design began in 1982 when its predecessor was established in the UK. In 2003 the USA division opened with the vision of success through building long term relationships with office furniture dealers around the USA. Supported by great products and fanatical customer service, Clear Design has experienced growth every year and continues to see a positive forecast for the years to come.


Based in South Texas, Clear Design services the entire contiguous USA.

3 Things That Make Us Different:

1. We operate with a ‘WIN-WIN’ ethos that is the foundation of everything we do. We understand that long-term relationships are built on decisions that are mutually beneficial.

2. Our Faster, Better, For Less strategy. What does this mean for you? For the dealer it means Clear Design offers key, quantifiable advantages from support to value to delivery time. For the end-user it means you can be confident in your decision to use our products.

3. We are Open-Plan Experts! We are not a panel system company dabbling in bench desking, nor are we a case-goods company trying to break into the open-plan market. We specialize in producing the best bench system office furniture in the market place. Our product, price and service attest to this and dealers/end users alike will tell the same story.

Clear Design products are sold through authorized dealers across the country and around the world. We are one of the few manufactures to even have a showroom in the Caribbean! Our products are backed by comprehensive warranties and we stand by our promises, product, and commitments. Please reach out and contact us for more information on our company or any of our products.