Clear Design has come to fruition as a result of 36 months of research and development to create a product that embraces and promotes the changes technology has brought to our market.

The BLADE Bench Desking System

When cubicles were invented, there were no tablets, no touch-screen cell phones, no instant messaging – today’s world is vastly different, more efficient and evolved from then. Bench desking embodies the advancement in today’s workforce and increases productivity, efficiency and sustainability all while providing cost savings over traditional options.

‘Benching’, ‘benched desking’ and ‘beam desking’ all refer to a desking/furniture system that utilizes a beam based structure as the foundation of the system. From this, work-spaces are extended by ‘linking’ additional beams and legs to the structure. The beams play 2 parts – 1. They add strength and structure to the system and 2. They provided the channels for data and power management.

The BLADE system has evolved into a versatile solution that can be used in applications from training rooms, executive offices, command centers, call centers and as effective replacement for traditional panel systems.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ in bench desking, however there is a ‘one system fits all’ in the BLADE solution. Because of BLADE’s adaptability this beam based desking system can be used in almost every workstation environment. BLADE is used by universities, financial institutions, graphic design studios, energy and energy infrastructure companies and more. In each application it has been selected due to certain advantages it offers over other solutions:

  • Cost: BLADE offers real, clear cost savings over traditional cubes and systems – usually a 15-40% cost saving gain is realized.
  • Offers inarguable business advantages, including 22-26% real-estate savings – more bottom line savings. (Because of shared components between workstations and intelligent configurations it uses a smaller footprint than traditional systems.)
  • Re-configurability: BLADE uses locking, expandable beams – this is a massive advantage for a dynamic company as it means the same components can be re-used to make different sized workstations or even transform an executive office into a bench pod.
  • Flexibility: Using the BLADE expandable beam, workstations can be created any length – your space can be maximized to create the most effective, ergonomic, successful environment.

Bench desking is now the most common desking in Europe. This European desking style is used because of its proven advantages. Management becomes easier, collaboration is increased, employees are more accountable, and moral is raised.

Talk to a BLADE bench desking specialist today to find out how BLADE can be used to benefit your company.